Monday, November 29, 2010

Rehab Care Hat Trick : taking one of the LARGEST budgets from OUR DAIL for three seperate organisations with little revenue coming back!

Rehab Care are an NGO,but act more like an agressive multi national,and they are still taking large wads of cash off our government ministers without any obligations or responsibilites,Rehab care are the head of JOBFIT which gets 32 million off our government ministers,and a further 54 million off our government ministers for Rehab Care,and Rehab Care don't stop there,they get FURTHER subsidies from our GOOD FRIENDS AT FAS,ARE THE TAX BREAKS NOT ENOUGH FOR THIS RECESSION PROOF COMPANY!

While Mary Harney(an independant by the way) made a balls of the HSE,and then holding our country to ransom,''NOT FOR PROFIT,Non Government agency,the charitable agencies'',which are more like aggressive multi nationals like rehab care stepped into our cosy little vaccum,our government paid them billions,didn't make any savings and got nil tax back!Rehab Care got their tax breaks in irealnd,and when they werent too satisfied with that,already being recession proof!Then took on FAS workers!!!Rehab Care is scamming our government,they get funds,provide no workplacements,and take on free workers,and avoid tax every step of the way when they can..

It is clear our government are not on top of this,getting companies to prove(by opening their books,and getting other connected businesses and lobbyists or donators to open theirs) they need these FAS workers would be an excellent start,but alas the cronyism and irealands sioch sios,bi cuin agus na be ag caint attitude has never got us far..

Jobfit the new jobs scam to take over FAS shortly,is little more than a quango,set up by a quango,providing no job protection for full time employees,and our free labourers have less rights and entitlements before them.

We have fas workers in our primary schools now,with FAS in my local constitunecy(but i DARENT SAY A WORD) failing on the garda vetting,can we honestly say our kids are even safe?

FAS/JOBFIT subsidising any business corrupts it and compromises any ''integrity'' a company has,by sometimes replacing full time workers with FAS workers.

By signing up to FAS/JOBFIT you are contributing to the lack of jobs in each community THINK ABOUT THAT BEFORE SIGNING UP TO ONE!

Can our government be trusted to ask these execs what they can guarantee for the communities they are being paid to represent?NO.


In a news bulletin today on November the 29th,FAS are now set to subsidise public aswell as private companies,so any unemployed graduates,can expect what could have been a full time tax returnable job vacancy,to be replaced with the FAS/JOBFIT brand of FREE LABOUR!

RTE have reported that FAS should not replace any full time workers,with free labour,but rules and regulations have never stopped these guys before,and out of context and the watchful eye of some one impartial(a non crony),can we honestly say they will stick to the rules?This also gives way to employers recycling employees at their leisure,which could be once every nine months or 18 months etc,they are NOT obliged to provide employment with a tax back job,so did our government really think this through?is it cost effective?does it tackle the social issues facing our impoverished communities and the newly unemployed?NO?

This will in no doubt encourage what could be a paid vacancy to be replaced with free labour,the requirements for each worker,is to work for 9 months of the year,as an unemployed NEWLY QUALIFIED TEACHER,for FAS for free!!

With no tax revenue coming back,ARE OUR GOVERNMENT BARKING MAD?!?


I have been on one of these schemes and in action they are a tragedy to anybody hoping to get out of the hole they are in,JOB AGENCIES LIKE THESE CONSIGN THE NEWLY UNEMPLOYED AND WHAT COULD BE WORKING CLASSES DUTIFULLY PAYING TAX BACK TO THEIR GOVERNMENT IN THEIR DROVES,TO EVEN FURTHER POVERTY!

How can our government honestly say they are getting the unemployed back to work,and making work available WITH THESE RACE TO THE BOTTOM SCHEMES IN THE WAY,SUCKING THE JOBS RIGHT OUT OF THE COMMUNITY!??!

Lets give angela kerins more money another 54 million for rehab care and another 32 million for jobfit,how about mary cochlan tries one of these schemes for 1 week,how about we consign her to one of these fake jobs see how she likes it!



Signing up to a FAS/JOBFIT course is sealing your fate - if every unemployed person decided to NOT SIGN UP,this could be a boycott that COULD WORK!

Do not facilitate these people,these criminal execs from taking your job,and the businesses partaking in CONSIGNING YOU TO A LIFETIME OF POVERTY!



JOBFIT looks set to replace FAS,currently they have a scheme for junior cert leavers and have rolled out their scheme to leaving cert students,and are set to cater for the beyond leaving cert students!They have to date spent 32 million on 12,000 students of this ''job scheme'',where by they subsidise multinational multi billion pound companies with free labour,the same structure as the fas jobs scam.

Why would the company involved in getting your work for free,simply turn around and hire you??And when they are under no obligation to,where does this 32 million go?Angela kerins the head of JOBFIT has recieved 32 million for jobfit and it is part of the TGB UK network,with our irish coins falling out of the country,who is there to ask the sometimes unpopular hard questions.RTE perhaps?Angela kerins is also the head of rehab care an ''NGO'' / ''Charity'',have also recieved 54 million off our government for Rehab Care,with all this money treacling out of our communities,what do the JOBLESS get back from all this??Angela kerins has some political influence with Fine Gael,and was one of the very few top execs who REFUSED TO STATE WHAT SHE EARNED,with cronyism like this where one can have two jobs,where there are some unemployed out there ,WHO DO NOT EVEN HAVE ONE JOB!
Fas have been robbing what could be tax returnable paid jobs for the community for years,and have gotten 1 billion for this,backed by fianna fail,and of course who could forget the scandal with roddy molloy,mary harney and her husband abroad,spending the reserves of FAS on their business travel to NASA?One apprentice of FAS,stephen was told abruptly via email that his trip was CUT SHORT,while they were in the U.S.A themselves enjoying the junkets?If he didn't ring joe duffy,it would be yet another scandal under swept under the corrupt carpet of FAS.Who could forget the scandal of one full time lady being replaced by two free ce workers staff,and when their term was finished they would simply be let go without any futher job oppurtunities?I have had a few experiences myself where i was told to go out of my job spec, and do the work of other full time staff,while they sat and drank tea,the supervisor who i was working with was an ex drug addict and ex welfare merchant with a bad attitude,and had no previous work experience,who only got landed the role because her mother held a more senior position in dublin's head office,she even employed her boyfriend on the scheme as a ce worker,and she even lied for him when he stole off of me,these are the sort of people who work in FAS.When i finally had put up and shut up for far too long i went to SIPTU,but ALAS FAS HAVE ONE OF THEIR OFFICES THERE!I know there are some unemployed and people down on their luck thinking about signing up with a FAS course,maybe some students who have no jobs,signing up with a FAS course,but think about it,JOB AGENCIES LIKE JOBFIT AND FAS ARE THE REASON THERE ARE NO JOBS IN OUR COMMUNITY!!!I know there are going to be a lot of ce workers who think FAS is the best thing to happen to them,because they want to keep their benefits,but these FAS jobs don't boost up your welfare anymore,they only did in the 90's..What is the point in joining this agency now,they cannot sustain themselves as it is,and will have to cut further,who will be the first to go,the ce workers of course,which i find incredible!!!Being honest,as the supervisors and middle managers and do littles are the expense i would see as economically viable to cut first!?
FAS(like our new ''job agency'' is not about jobs for you and me,FAS is not even about the long term unemployed they OFTEN PROPORT TO HELP AS PROTRAYED IN THE MEDIA.Although FAS is about,junkets for the politicians who set this quango up and it is often used as a springboard and is the last chance saloon for the failed in politics,just like paul o toole,who when he was minister for government,he racked up a 50 k bill on one trip!He never attracted many tourists to ireland even in the days of the fake celtic boom either!This is what FAS is about,cronyism of the highest order,after all they are backed by Fianna Fail.There is a culture of corruption from top to bottom with agencies like this,they seem to be a magnet for those with criminal records,dubious history,and little or no work experience,or simply none at all,it is basically a quango set up by a quango,now while rehab and TGB network are creaming the funds out of our pockets, for their outfit and jobfit,where are the tough questions from those politicians elected to represent our interests?????
Now you may ask well..What is the difference with JOBFIT?I will tell you the ONLY differnce with JOBFIT is that they are backed by Fine Gael,they are the same type of quango,it has the exact same structure as our last ''jobs agency'',FREE LABOUR,NO JOB PROTECTION,REPLACES WHAT COULD BE TAX RETURNABLE JOBS WITH FREE LABOUR,STEALS JOBS FROM THE COMMUNITY,SUBSIDISES THE RICH MULTINATIONAL AT THE EXPENSE OF GOVERNMENT REVENUE,ONE HAS TO ASK,ARE OUR POLITICAL BRIGHT SPARKS NOT SO BRIGHT?After all they are giving money to a semi state agency whose only concern and function is it's own parasitic self survival at the expense of any community they happen to enter.They get a large chunk of government funds every year,without the tough questions.
Job fit is basically a similiar scam,the central idea is that they provide free labour,to whatever business might be interested in their services,and approach them.They got funded 32 million by our government this year for 12,000 welfare recipients. ,and are the companies getting your free labour going to pay you and pay government revenue,well their not obliged to!!!!Companies are getting enough tax breaks,why have a ''service for the unemployed'' that subsidises them?????

Here is a breakdown of what you get..
You can get from one day and a limit,of up to four weeks ''job placement''.
The company involved with jobfit don't pay you a penny, and are under no obligation to hire you, even if a post becomes available..
This year, job fit also got extra funding a couple of mill, whats another couple of mill in a country that is JOBLESS and in DEBT?
They have had their job fit 'oppurtunities' AD campaign on the most expensive irish television station , yes you guessed it.. radio telifis eireann..

How can our government provide jobs for the community when they are letting agencies like FAS and JOBFIT steal what could have been a full time paid job for our nation which makes up millions,isn't it time we invested in the real people of ireland who can pay prsi in their droves as opposed to hiring yet another vampire semi state agency..

FAS and JOBFIT are about junkets and failed ministers,angela kerins and well to use one word ..cronyism,what i want to know is,where do the unemployed fit into this equation?Be under no illusion agencies like FAS and JOBFIT are no friend of the unemployed,I have seen agencies like FAS in recessionary times CHERRY PICK from the unemployed lines?FAS have also hired ex - cons on their schemes,why would anybody want to taint their name with a FAS course,i made enquiries about this and the head of the scheme looked into it for me,why aren't FAS more forthcoming about the fact they hire EX CONS,don't we all have a right to know about this????When their spiel is about helping the long term unemployed???What is the function of agencies like this anyway shouldnt they be cut loose,they seem to change their agenda when it suits them.

Why do our government persist on consigning people on the poverty line into further poverty and on letting agenices like this drain public funds and deliver very little in return other than pad their own c.v and of course wallet...I hear as you get richer your desire for more money becomes even more ravenous..

If you did the numbers you would be better off having all this agency rubbish cut loose.

Fine Gael is on the board of JOBFIT,and soon to be lobbying their interests if they get elected,as these FGers have jobs in linked organisations.

What will change in our still unreformed crony driven government(which doesn't seem to keep them out of trouble they are the laughing stock of the world) with semi state agencies like these draining funds of our government,and on the other hand providing no paid tax returnable employment,the only difference is that FINE GAEL is on the board of a SIMILIAR ''employment agency'',which i would prefer to call a free labour agency JOBFIT..What will change?With people like Paul o Toole sitting in on the board of FAS for a name change and more millions than sense,and Angela kerins of rehab care and jobfit holding down 2 posts,and receving 86 million,what are these agencies really about???Are our government ever going to see sense,what good is throwing all this money away when it essentially provides NO REVENUE?JOBFIT are not a ''NEW'' agency and don't..please don't believe the hype,i know all over the media,internet and tv there are glowing reports of jobfit,but i have to disagree with mary cochlan when she states jobfit works well,i think it is a little too bold and arrogant,not to mention a little bit too early in the game to be saying that!

Jobfit is set up to be the exact same quango with some FAS officiaries frog leaping on board!

Dont stand complacent while our government spin lies and steal what could be paid jobs in our community why subsidise to organisations like rehab care,TGB learning network,and JOBFIT,they are robbing government funds that should be spent more considerately and resourcefully on us!

I went to complain to SIPTU offices about FAS and asked politicians why JOBFIT is still getting funding,questions are never answered in these expensive lavish politicans TD clinics,your'e questions are not anwswered or you are ignored!

What good is having people like this run our country when they are only too happy to give to some big multi national at the expense of people losing their jobs,they give money to these agencies and get no revenue back?ARE THEY MAD?What difference will Fine Gael make when they are quite happy to fund these organisations,that take what could be full time paid jobs from the community.

Job agencies and charity NGO'S that behave more like an aggressive marketing multi national,are still given funding??????

These people are the new enemy of the working class! 

Do not blindly sign up as you are contributing to all the jobs being taken from your area!